Factors to consider when choosing door hardware for schools

Parents are generally concerned about leaving their children at any place where they are not around. Even when at school, they want them to be safe and secure and away from accidents.

In this blog, we have brought together a selection of door hardware specifically for schools. We have tried our best to emulate a parent’s preferences to ensure the safety and security of the children.

1. Lever handles: We recommend a choice of handles that have a safe return feature. The handles should be rounded with no sharp edges. The diameter of the handle would not be more than 19mm to make sure that the children are able to have a good grip and operate it easily.

2. Doorstops: According to us, concealed door stops would be ideal to ensure that the children do face any tripping hazards when they are running around all over the school. The concealed door stops would also hold open the door for the children when they are moving in and out of the school.

3. Edge Guards: These are very critical to ensure that the children are protected from getting their fingers or toes crushed if they put their hand between the door and the frame by mistake.

4. Single action exit from doors: We highly prefer mortice locks that can be opened with a single action of depressing the lever from the inside. This works smoothly in spite of the door is locked by a cylinder.

5. Latchless magnetic locks: Locks are generally fixed at a height of 1100mm from the floor level which is the height of children in school. We think NO projection on a lock is a great way to prevent accidents.

6. Panic exit devices: We recommend ensuring that all external doors in the building are fitted with panic devices and clear signs. This would ensure children have exit options in case of an emergency at the same time prevent potential intruders from entering the school premises.

7. Anti-microbial coating: We all know how children are prone to contact infections. Anti-microbial coating prevents bacteria from settling on the surface of ironmongery products and thus minimizes the risk of any infection spreading

8. Finish: We personally prefer stainless steel as a finish for schools but for the children in the lower grades one may use colored finishes to give more vibrancy to the school atmosphere.

While choosing ironmongery for schools, we suggest that the following sequence of priority is borne in mind:

1. Safety
2. Security
3. Aesthetic

EuroArt specialize in school door hardware and our GAI trained staff ensure that the above mentioned sequence is not compromised. For project requirements in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Doha and Oman, please contact me@euro-art.co.uk or +97142951105 for assistance.