Scheduling services

Over the years, EuroArt has been pleased to work alongside architects, contractors and all other construction specifiers on projects large and small, in both international and domestic markets. Our comprehensive scheduling service is available to our clients free of charge and we welcome requests from across the industry.

The service saves our clients valuable time by ensuring that all required items of ironmongery and hardware are correctly listed. Moreover, it provides them with the reassurance of knowing that their schedules are prepared by our own GAI* qualified staff, in line with the industry’s best practice guidelines and legislative requirements, ensuring compliance with the latest standards and regulations.

What’s Involved

Typically, the scheduling service involves a one-to-one meeting with the clients either in their offices, our London or Dubai offices,or sometimes via online web-conferencing. However,quite often, when the type of scheme is more familiar to us, our experience ensures that straightforward telephone calls will suffice, and these can easily be supported by emailed or web-accessible plans.

The purpose of the meeting is to go through the project’s plans with the clients to enable us to fully understand the ironmongery and hardware requirements for all door and window openings – from both a performance and a design perspective. At the same meeting, we would look to explore and suggest a range of product options in order that we can ultimately provide a choice of recommendations.