Welcome to the EuroArt office in Saudi Arabia!

EuroArt office in Saudi Arabia!

EuroArt has its presence in Saudi Arabia; marking a new chapter with fresh initiatives and objectives. Located at Manar Centre in Rakah Ash Shamaliyah, Dammam, KSA, our establishment stands as a testament to our dedication. In our pursuit of growth, we’re committed to offering innovative designs in ironmongery, furniture fittings, shower/glass door solutions, and digital locking systems to our valued clients. Supported by a team of 7 and an on-site inventory exceeding 7,500 square feet, EuroArt ensures efficient service. Furthermore, our Dubai headquarters, with two huge stocking facilities—the Al Quoz office serving as our Sales Centre and the JAFZA office as our Global Distribution Centre—underscores our commitment to excellence.

EuroArt’s branches in Abu Dhabi, Muscat, and Doha, and our newest addition in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, display our extensive presence. Notable projects like Amaala Village staff accommodation, the St. Regis Hotel in Riyadh, Uptown Society Alkhoyol AlArabia, and Radisson Blu Resort highlight our commitment to excellence in ironmongery, furniture fitting, shower/glass door fittings, and Digital Lock Systems.
We value the role of architects and designers in shaping spaces and welcome collaboration, offering diverse architectural hardware options to inspire creativity. Our dedicated team is passionate about realizing visions and supporting project success.

Challenge us with your custom designs, and we will strive to bring them to life!

Let’s create more #success stories through collaboration with architects, designers, and #consultants in the region. We invite you to connect with us for your upcoming project specifications. Let’s together transform visionary designs into reality!

Visit us at Office# 201, Manar Business Center, Building No. 4320, Khalid Bin Al Walid Rakah Ash-Shamaliyah Dist. Dammam 34224 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966-13-812-6116 Ext. 104 | Mob: +966-55-524-0620 | Email: ksa@euro-art.co.uk