Factors influencing door hardware selection

Door ironmongery is the first thing anyone touches while entering any premises. The touch and feel of door architectural hardware are important since it tends to impress on the mind of the end-user. Selection of door hardware therefore becomes critical as a designer. What should I, as a building designer, look for in terms of ironmongery?

Well for starters, the look of ironmongery depends on where the door is located in the building. Doors are generally categorized as the back of house doors which are not visible to the general public and the front of house doors that are visible to the general public. The obvious choice of designers or architects would be to enhance the look and feel including the finish of the front of house doors and keep the ironmongery for the back of house doors utility-oriented, performance-tested and durable.

Typical finishing on front of house doors trending these days is rose gold, black PVD, and satin brass. Back of house doors would normally be in a satin stainless steel finish.

The shape or design of the visible items is generally dependent on the shape of the building that an architect drafts. Square door handle designs are preferred if the building is shaped with right angles, rounded handles are preferred if the building has curved edges. The theme is generally classic, modern, or contemporary.

The other factors to determine the right choice of door handles , door closers , and door hinges can technically be taken care of by hardware consultants. EuroArt has a professional GAI and AHC qualified team that could assist with:

– Location of the project (proximity to the sea, salt content, and moisture in the air)
– The door type (wood, glass, metal, aluminum-framed)
– The door sizes
– Fire and life safety requirements
– Access control requirements
– Budget of the project

EuroArt specializes in innovatively fulfilling ironmongery specifications for commercial and residential projects. For project requirements in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Doha, and Oman, please contact contact me@euro-art.co.uk or +97142951105 for assistance.