Shear Magnetic Lock

Product Code: SL2600


Product Code: SL2600


The SL2600 Shear lock is designed for swinging doors, where the lock can be mortised into the door and frame. The concealed locking mechanism enhances security and appearance, whilst providing 2600 lbs of holding force.
2600 lbs (1200 kg) Holding Force
Dual Voltage: 12/24 VDC
CE Marked to EMC directive
Suitable for fire rated doors
Built In Voltage Spike Suppressor
Compact design
Concealed and surface mounting
Suitable for use on metal, wood and glass doors
Instant release - no residual magnetism
Suitable for single action and double action doors
Door Status Sensor (provided as a standard feature)

Technical Details:
Magnet Dimensions: 100mm L x 30mm W x 35mm D
Armature Dimensions: 100mm L x 30mm W x 32mm T
Current Draw: 1.15A @ 12VDC, 1.55 A @ 24VDC
Maximum door gap: 4mm for 12VDC, 5mm for 24VDC
Locking time delay 0 to 30sec (adjustable)
Sealed 3 meter jacketed, stranded conductor cable
Operating Temperature: -20°C to +60°C
Shipping Weight: 1.34 Kg

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