E-mag Closer

Product Code: 9000 Series

Finish: Silver


Product Code: 9000 Series


The EuroArt 9000 series E-mag range is available for use where low opening forces are required, such as care home, hospitals or where the Equality Act is a consideration. There are two closers within the range, one offering a hold open fixed power size 4 which, when fitted in swing free mode, allows the door to be opened with no resistance from the closer. However, when the buildings fire alarm is activated, power is cut to the unit and the closer then shuts the door. The other is a dual power closer that, when fitted, operates in power size 1, allowing the door to be opened by a force of under 22N. However, when the buildings fire alarm is activated, power is cut to the unit and the closer then becomes a power size 4 and is able to shut the door.

All the EuroArt 9000 Series of E-mag are supplied with an adoptor which allows easy conversion from hold open to swing free mode.

Both option offers the choice of either a radius or square cover with matching adjustable arms, each utilizing the unique high efficiency cam and roller action, and both have a plug in power loop for easy of fitting. Longer loop are available as an optional extra.

  • Finish: Silver
  • Cover & Arm finishes: SSS
Ref. No - 9870 9070
Closing Force EN Size 4 1 &4
Door Size (Max) Width (mm) 1100 1100
- Width (kg) 80 80
Mechanism Rack & Pinion No No
- Cam & Roller yes yes
With Cover - yes yes
Power Shoe Bracket - yes yes
Angle of Opening - 180° 180°
Non Handed - yes yes
Power Adjustment By Spring no no
- By Template no no
Adjustable Sweep Speed - yes yes
Adjustable Latching Speed - yes yes
Adjustable Backcheck - no no
Adjustable Delayed Action - no no
Dual Power - no yes
CE Marked - yes no
Certifire Approved - yes no
Gurantee - 2 Years 2 Years
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Product Name

E-mag Closer

Product Code

9000 Series


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