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All you need is to select the best door lock and let it act as the barrier to keep your facility and workspace safe and help maintain privacy. Most of us spend enough money on the look and design of the front door of our home, but give little thought when it comes to the door lock, which is an essential part of safety and security for any residential space. A trustworthy door lock helps in keeping one’s family, house and belongings safe. When you visit a hardware store, you will find several types of locks in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Many are not aware of which lock is suitable and secure. To ensure your door lock provides solid home security, choose locks that are strong and well-built. Good locks will be shields for any home and prevent thieves from using picking tools to manipulate a lock’s internal mechanisms and gaining entry into your home.

The basic fittings for any entrance door include tested security strike plates with wall anchors, strong mortise locks, sturdy door fittings with pulling protection and door cylinders with a security card. Basic mechanical protection is provided by proper fitting of a door lock as a reinforced bolt lock or an additional door lock and hinge-side security devices. The prerequisite for this is a sufficiently strong door construction.

Door dimensions - Before buying door security equipment, start by measuring your door’s thickness, height and width to pick the right option for your home. Door design - Look for durable door security equipment made to withstand force about 350 pounds – the weight of a tiger. Most popular door security bars are made with sturdy steel and metal which is stronger than plastic door security options.