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Door ironmongery is the first thing anyone touches while entering any premises. The touch and feel of door architectural hardware are important since it tends to impress on the mind of the end-user. Selection of door hardware therefore becomes critical as a designer. What should I, as a building designer, look for in terms of ironmongery? Well for starters, the look of ironmongery depends on where the door is located in the building. Doors are generally categorized as the back of house... Continue reading

Parents are generally concerned about leaving their children at any place where they are not around. Even when at school, they want them to be safe and secure and away from accidents. In this blog, we have brought together a selection of door hardware specifically for schools. We have tried our best to emulate a parent’s preferences to ensure the safety and security of the children. 1. Lever handles: We recommend a choice of handles that have a safe return feature. The handles... Continue reading